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Iverk Produce South Junior A Hurling League Final

posted 3 Jun 2012, 09:02 by Unknown user   [ updated 3 Jun 2012, 09:33 ]

Ballinkillen 1-18 Mullinavat 1-13

On the 1st of June there was a historical first achieved in Ballyhale as Ballinkillen hurlers became the first Carlow team to win this competition - in a first half master class performance by the men in Blue and Gold. The GAA may have 3C’s for this and 4C’s for that, but Ballinkillen produced 3I’s in the first half with Intense, Intelligent and Impossible-to-counter hurling. For 25 minutes every Ballinkillen player on the pitch completed their task to near perfection. The backs got out in front attacking the ball, hassling and harrying when they could not. Mid-field moved with intelligence and the forwards intertwined with the understanding of a team playing beyond their years.

Ballinkillen had a number of attacks in the first couple of minutes to no avail, only for Mullinavat to open the scoring. This score had a settling effect on Ballinkillen as they set out to control the remainder of the half. A good half is always one that is over before you know it - as Ballinkillen played outstanding hurling, every ball was played to a man in space, giving the receiver every chance of winning possession and setting up an attack. Setting up an attack is exactly what Ballinkillen did on every occasion presented. It may have taken to the 7th minute for the opening Ballinkillen score by Peter Minchin, receiving a ball from Vincent Meaney - playing the best hurling he has played in a long time. Dion Wall scored a free next when Meaney was fouled. Next up was a wonderful catch by Sean Murphy, driving through the gap, passed to Craig Wall who scored. Peter Minchin picked up a poor clearance after hard tackling by the full forward line. Heading into the 14th minute a line ball on the 50 metre line was played into space for Daryl Roberts to put across to Craig Wall to slotted over - well worked, intelligent play. David English scored a long range free after Sean Murphy was fouled. A minute later Craig Wall scored from a through ball by Vincent Meaney. The forwards were getting the scores while at the other end the backs carried out their task with true aggression - Lauren Kinsella with many intercepts and good judgement calls going his way, James Kinsella holding the square, Dermot Foley (another find) reading the game well and David English going head to head with the centre forward and coming out on top in the air and on the deck. With the score at 0-8 to 0-1 for the Carlow side, a long ball from centre field was double on by Derek Murphy to the back of the net giving added inspiration to Ballinkillen. This was followed by Craig Wall scoring a minute later. The point of the first half came from a clearance by the defence, worked up to the corner with Peter Minchin finding himself close to the end line with two Ballinkillen players outside on the 45, but Peter took on the responsibility and scored at a close angle. Dion Wall and Derek Murphy closed Ballinkillen's scoring, with both passes coming from Daryl Roberts. Mullinavat scored from a placed ball on the stroke of half time - a free for a late tackle by the defence.

With the score at half time 1-12 to 0-02, the Ballinkillen team knew that this game was not over. No Kilkenny team every gives up and, to their credit, Mullinavat did not either. They started with the first two scores when the Ballinkillen defence temporarily lost concentration. Daryl Roberts settled the Ballinkillen team with a score from an accurate long ball by English. Mullinavat scored next when a line ball was left hanging around the square. Mullinavat worked an angled ball up the field, crossed play and Ger Malone goaled to leave the score 1-15 to 1-05. David English scored a 65 to add more daylight. Craig Wall scored a point between two points from Nicky Anthony. On the 21st minute David English scored a free from the sideline, beyond halfway. This was the final score by Ballinkillen at 1-18 to 1-07. The Mullinavat men were not finished as Nicky Anthony scored a 65 in the last minute and 6 frees between that and English’s free. All frees were simple unnecessary frees. There were 5 minutes of injury time played, which gave Mullinavat time to eat into the deficit. In truth there was some hard defending in the last 5 minutes as the players were expecting the full time whistle but the game was still on. This was a valuable lesson for this young Ballinkillen team.

The Ballinkillen team had numerous players playing the best games of their season. In defence all played well - John Ryan and James Kinsella, especially Lauren Kinsella, Dermot Foley and David English who you expect to play well but tonight he surely did. Craig Wall and Darren Dalton worked hard and moved well off the ball. Up front Vincent Meaney linked well with Michael Murphy, Peter Minchin and Dion Wall, never letting the backs away and Daryl Roberts used his pace and vision to good effect. Marty Dalton came on 10 minutes into the second half and scored immediately on his introduction.

Team: Martin Minchin, John Ryan, James Kinsella, Lauren Kinsella, Sean Murphy, David English, Dermot Foley, Craig Wall, Darren Dalton, Peter Minchin, Vincent Meaney, Michael Murphy, Dion Wall, Derek Murphy, Daryl Robert. Subs: Marty Dalton, Sean Minchin

Ballinkillen 2012 Kilkenny League Final

David Wall, Andrew Gaule, John Hughes, Tomas Kinsella, Derek Murphy, Lauren Kinsella, Darren Dalton, Dermot Foley, Sean Murphy, Daryl Roberts, Dion Wall, Vincent Meaney, James Kinsella, Pakie Hughes, James English. Front Row: Marty Dalton, Joe Roberts, Craig Wall, Sean Minchin, Michael Murphy, Peter Minchin, David English, John Ryan, Martin Minchin.

John Ryan Receives trophy from Paul Long of the Kilkenny County Board.